Daily Life: Thoughts and Ramblings

I’m up at the local hang-out (Starbucks/Barnes & Noble) vaping and drinking a “coffee” watching the light show. Here is heat lightning all over! It’s not that commonly seen here. This is the true sideways style. We had just a hint of rain, the man above having fun with us. LOL. I’m not quick enough with the camera, I’ve been trying all night! Photo of lightning It would have been easier to set up a stand so I could set it and forget it (Ronco rotisserie and BBQ! LOL). 

I say “coffee” because it’s not coffee coffee. I just started weight watchers so I try to watch my food intake. Bad versus good… my standard drink at Starbucks is a bento white mocha no whip which is 31 points!!! I only have 35 points for the day!

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