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Trip Cooking

Trip Cooking

The cooking set up I’ll be using will be:

I’m bringing along some comfort food with me…

I love Mountain House! I was wanting to get MRE’s but these are less expensive. I could eat MRE’s or MOuntain House all day every day!

2017 Road Trip: Packing

(Edit 5.18.17 2100) I have rearranged my trunk and saddle bags once more and will probably continue to do so again and again until the day I leave. LOL. I’m trying new strategies and packing tips from friends and followers. For the most part I’m keeping with my general plan of: trunk with main clothing and quickly accessible items, both saddle bags are getting the most revamping when I add or subtract items. For the most part they contain my outer, heavier clothing, food and camping gear… Pictures to come, most likely when it’s daylight.

I’m changing the way I pack my bike for this trip from the 2015 Road Trip. Since I will be camping instead of bringing everything into a hotel, I will be packing my tour  pak with my clothes and other essentials I may need. On top of that bag I will keep easy to get to items like gps mounts and holders and charger plugged in.

In the lid organizer I will have my vaporizer juice and coils, sunscreen, light, flashlight, mini first aid/migraine meds. 

In my  right saddle bag I’ll have my camping gear, tool kit, plus water and food. In the lid strap bag I keep my gloves and buffs.

The left saddle bag will be my 3 season jacket, a down hooded jacket and a light weight windbreaker. Possibly some food.I may add food, water and snacks to this bag because they fit pretty well with room to spare.

Pre Pre “2017 Road Trip” Ride

Pre Pre “2017 Road Trip” Ride

Harris and I took a short 400+ mile trip for a hotdog yesterday. We left Olney, MD at 830am. Minus a short stretch on Rte. 50, we took all back roads to Rehoboth Delaware. We stopped To stretch our legs and to  take a couple pics… IMG_0771IMG_0772IMG_0773IMG_0774IMG_0775After we were on our bikes, we headed south th Bethany Beach Delaware to Top Dog Grill for that hot dog! IMG_0776IMG_0777We both got the footling “Chicago”! It was very messy but worth the ride! IMG_0778AFter cleaning my hands and beard, we talked bikes with a few admirer. One that currently owns a 110cc Honda and the other that has an “old school” Victory. We rolled down to Ocean City Maryland and fueled up. IMG_0779Harris’ daughter just the night before had mentioned to him the “Lonliest Road in Maryland”, since we were there, we headed west to Hoopers Island in Fishers Creek Maryland. Some of the best roads and scenery we have seen in a long time! (Thank You Harris’ daughter!) My Harley and Harris’ Victory at a bridge near the end of the road. IMG_0781IMG_0782IMG_0783IMG_0784IMG_0785IMG_0786IMG_0787IMG_0788IMG_0789IMG_0790IMG_0791IMG_0792IMG_0793IMG_0794IMG_0795IMG_0796IMG_0799IMG_0800IMG_0801We were going to stop at Old Salty’s for a seafood dinner but decided to head back due to inherent bad weather. Living in Maryland you learn that it doesn’t matter what Ny weather app says, it’s not taking till it’s actually raining  we ended up riding all the way back to Virginia without seeing one drop! LOL

IMG_0802We ended up at Big Buns Gourmet Grill in Arlington Virginia for burgers. Harris had the “KBBQ” Korean BBQ and I had my favorite Gorgeous George. Both amazing burgers. I have to admit mine turned into a fork burger with the extra cucumbers and Tzotzil sauce! What’s the old saying…? The messier it is, the better it tastes!? LOL

I must admit, even with the chillier weather with a 90/10 clouds/sun ratio, it was a perfect day!

We headed to our respective homes taking all back roads of course, with no rain!


I’ll be camping most of the way to save money. I’ve scouted all the KOA’s along my route, the most expensive I’ve seen so far is $30. Versus $100-250 per night for hotels. Since I sleep in a hammock every night at home this won’t be much of a change. I will be posting everything that I’ll be taking with me so you can get an idea of what I’ll be riding with…

2017 Harley Road Trip

Less than 90 days now till I start my trip. I’m taking a short 12000 mile 30 day ride pretty much circumnavigating th US. I say short only in the way that it can never be long enough! If I could find a way to make money riding, I’d never get off the bike!

These are the cities I’m planning on staying in, visiting family/friends in, eating in…

Jacksonville, FL

New Orleans, LA

Houston, TX

Austin, TX

Santa Fe, NM and/or Medicine Park OK

Four Corners

Denver, CO

Salt Lake City, Utah

Las Vegas, NV

Los Angeles, CA

Sacramento, CA

Portland, OR

Seattle, WA

Vancouver, BC

Bozeman, MT

Denver, CO

Sturgis/Rapid City, SD

Sioux Falls, SD

Minneapolis, MN

Milwaukee, WI

Chicago, IL

Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor, MI

Toronto, ON

Montreal, QC

Quebec, QC

Halifax, NS

Bangor, ME

New York City, NY

Rockville, MD

I’ll be starting and finishing in Maryland.