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Day 4

I needed that…

I'm up early (er) today! LOL I'll be getting out of here shortly. Headed to Austin today!

Starting mileage: 57668

First fuel stop of the day and this guy greets me!I spoke with Chelsea for a few minutes. She's raising money to help people with addictions. Very kind woman!

Woo Hoo!! I'm in Texas! Just crossed the line.

Time to apply more sunscreen…

Stopping in Wallsville Texas for fuel but more importantly to get out of the heat!

Leaving Houston for Austin now. Gps says 3h15m. 150 miles. Like going to ocean city!

Last fuel stop for the day… Cheapest I've seen all trip!

It sure is nicer now that the sun is almost down! Makes it so much more enjoyable!

Day 3

Waking up late again! LOL. No worries though! This KOA in west New Orleans is amazing with beautiful weather today!I slept well despite the heat and humidity. This is a 5 star establishment. Today I am planning on quickly visiting the French Quater for some beneits and coffee at Cafe DuMonde then to VooDoo Harley Davidson also in the French Quater. When I hit the road I'll be headed to Houston for lunch at The Original Irma's and off to Austin to visit family and more amazing food! Maybe that BBQ joint that's in a gas station!? Hint hint. You know who I'm talking to!
Day 3 Starting Mileage: 57,494I arrived in the French Quarter a few minutes ago. Walked around for a few. Went into VooDoo Harley Davidson and got my poker chip and shirt. Now I'm sitting in Cafe DuMonde awaiting my beignets and coffee! It is absolutely packed, standing room, in here! It does seem to flow pretty smoothly… It's like eating heaven!I talked with this guy for a few after he stopped playing. He said he's "just getting back into playing!" Not too shabby for just getting back into it!I didn't catch his name but after telling him about my trip he says I need to extend my trip and come back n stay a while… I totally agree!!

So I didn't get as far as I had planned… I wasn't feeling great with the heat and humidity. Im taking an unplanned pit stop in Lafayette LA tiger some AC, cold shower and sleep without swimming in my tent. I'll be on the road earlier tomorrow morning!

I wasn't planning on a day like today but I did plan for 4 zero mileage days to stay on track and this was close to zero. I figured if I maintain 500 miles a day for 30 days, to ride 12,000 miles I'd have 4 zero days. It's not all bad though… this is a fun trip not a power run.

I'll be in Austin Texas tomorrow.

Ending mileage 57,668Day 3: 174

Day 2: 509

Day 1: 713

Total: 1,396

Day 2

Starting mileage: 56,985Leaving East Point, Georgia heading to Cafe Dumonde in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Just came out of Great South Harley Davidson in Newman, Georgia. Great people here! I enjoyed talking with Whitley about my travels! I bought a t-shirt and poker chip!

Walking out of Harley Davidson of Montgomery, Alabama with a shirt and poker chip. Also needed more sunscreen and some Tylenol! The AC feels so good! I spoke with Marvin, Eli and Francis Bell about my trip and they loved the idea! I hope they follow!

You know it's hot when your phone tells youNow that my phone is cooler I'm back on the road…

It feels hotter than that!!About 10 miles after ZZ Top came on Pandora. Most riders when they see rain ahead would ask themselves whether or not they need to stop and put on their rain suit… I see the dark clouds and say out loud "yes! I get to cool off now!" My luck I get sprinkled on for about a minute. No luck cooling down for me… I just missed it. Reservations have been made at KOA New Orleans West. It looks by the photos MUCH better than last nights KOA!!!!

Made it through Mississippi and I'm now in Louisiana!! 35 miles to New Orleans and 49 miles to the campsite!!

I have been here at the KOA in N.O. Talking with Caleb for every bit of 2 1/2 hours… just talking shit all night. He kindly recommended many sites to visit while I'm in town! I ordered a pizza from Reginelli's Pizza. He said I should get the Gumbo pizza. Like Guy Fieri would say… "Welcome to Flavortown!" If ya make it down this way I highly suggest you try it out!! It is good!

The heat and humidity today was crazy high! It still is now at 1am! I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to get to sleep…! LOL Although this KOA does allow hammocks there isn't any suitable trees to hang from at my location.

All in all… today was a great day that I wouldn't trade for anything! I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of this trip!

Ending mileage: 57,494Day 2: 509

Day 1: 713

Total: 1,222

First gas stop in Dinwiddie, VA and to stretch my legs… refill on water. First time I've worn a full face helmet in a long time! I like it and don't like it. I can't hear the radio as well but I have a much quieter ride!

Day 1

On my way out the door! A little late but still before sunrise…

My starting odometer is 56,272.

A little more packed than I would have liked but I can always mail things I don't need home!

I am heading to Fox's BBQ in Atlanta, Georgia.

I feel good, fresh and ready to ride! I'll write more from the road…


Murphy is my new passenger! LOL I'll explain that later…

I made it to Fox Bros. BBQ after 4 fuel stops (one for me), 5 Smart Water bottles, 2 Red Bull Orange Editions, 2 stops at Harley Davidson Dealers and one almost mishap with a young driver and tractor trailer! No worries mom/dad, my cat like reflexes helped me avoid any damage to myself or the bike!

I have more to tell about Day 1 but first… if my experience at Fox Boris. BBQ is any indication of how the rest of my trip is going to be, I'm in for one hell of a ride!

I back in to a spot far enough away that I didn't feel comfortable leaving it there. As I'm being seated I ask the hostess , if I can park any closer, maybe up front? Without hesitation she says "absolutely! You can park right in front of that tree on the corner…"When I parked there were several of the finest Atlanta Police officers walking out. I asked one of them, J. Fletcher, if he could take a couple pictures of me and my bike showing Fox Bros. In the background. Here is what Officer Fletcher took…I like them! Thanks J.!

I told Amber, my server, about my trip and that I'm writing about it. I gave her and my site address. As I was taking pictures of the outside she asked if I want to see the "smoke house"? Really?! Of Course I do!! Lol. They have smokers inside and one outside! Walking into that back room was like walking into heaven! The smell was just mind blowing!

When I got back to my table no more than 5 minutes later my food was ready! I got the same thing #guyfieri got. The Fox Bros. "Burger" which is a chopped brisket "burger" topped with bacon, tomato, red onion, pickles, melted pimento cheese on a potato roll. And the 1/4 rack Beef Short Ribs which Guy did not get. He got the Chicken Fried Ribs. Amber also brought out s few burnt ends for me to try…!

The ribs were the absolute best I've had… ever! I've had many different style Ribs from many different states and these trump them all! The flavor, the light salt and pepper seasoning and the smoke were done to perfection!!

Thank you #guyfieri!!

I'm heading out to a historic graveyard and a bar called Six Feet Under. Supposedly, (Amber) it's a great way to watch the sunset on the roof top patio overlooking Atlantas oldest Cemetery !

I ended up riding around the outskirts of the city instead of going to Six Feet Under. At a water stop I talked with a couple motor cops and took a couple shots of their bikes.

hese were on the side of a building…I'm trying…!

Ending mileage: 56,985

Day 1: 713

Total: 713

12 and a half hours!

Relaxing my brainIm sitting at Starbucks drinking a white mocha, something I haven’t done for a few months since I started my diet, to clear my mind before I hit the road in less than 12 hours! I’ve been stressing over packing, my house, my dogs and anything else that’s could cause stress. I’m trying to not think about what I have left to do and be able to sleep tonight so I can be up and out the door by 3am. Anybody who knows me knows mornings are NOT my friend! LOL

i don’t remember feeling this stressed before the last trip! I believe it’s all the time I’ve spent planning and thinking about this trip. Last trip I had less than a month to plan and it worked out great!

Once I am a few hours on the road I’ll feel much better…!  The first and last days are the hardest for me. The first are all the questions of if I have enough and/or the right stuff. Missing family etc… The last couple days are when I’m riding east and I know in my heart I’m riding the wrong direction! LOL

My happy place is on the road by myself, music or not, finding my zen, seeing the sights weather I stop or not, riding to places I’ve never been. A lot of people don’t or can’t understand the idea of a traveling trip. Where I  don’t stay long at destination, instead I ride to the next and next place.