About Me

I have slept in a hammock for over 5 years now. I started hanging before my knee surgery in preparation to thru hike the Appalachian trail. My surgery took my chances of that hike and threw it in the trash. Anyway, I own 7 hammocks, six of them are ENO Hammocks and one Snipe by Wilderness Logics. I have 2 DoubleNest  (DN), 2 SingleNest (SN), 1 ProNest and 1 Sub7. I’m looking at getting the TechNest next. I also have my eyes on a startup hammock company called gnar hammocks based out of South Carolina. I like their ideas! They are competitively priced and look like great hammocks! I will have one soon. I  have used all of the ENO’s and have decided my favorites in order are the Pro, SN, DN, Sub7 and the Snipe. I have nothing against the Snipe but I prefer the lay of the ENO’s. My other gear includes a HammockGear Phoenix 40 , since the Phoenix is a 3/4 length I’ll zip my down jacket around foot area of the hammock to keep my toes warm. SnugPak Under Blanket which I double as a top quilt most of the time. I also sometimes use a great kilt as a blanket. Every once in a while I’ll use my Sierra Designs Arrow Rock Flex 40, but I prefer to use the under/top quilts/kilt better. Hennessy SnakeSkins which work great with my ENO DN. I’ve recently gotten used to using a ridgeline another blog by Butt in a Sling.  It’s handy to hang a light from or to hang wet clothes from.

I love hanging out with my dogs Gunner and Dakoda. Gunner was the master at playing catch! He was only about 15 pound but by the time I threw the ball he would have ran 20-30 feet, turned, tracked and tracked the ball and caught it in air. He was amazing. Hell turn 14 in August so he doesn’t catch yo many tennis balls anymore but he still loves roaming the back yard! These were fun camping days!He loved exploring the woods with me and relaxing in the hammock! The good ole days…

Dakoda “Koda” loves the tennis balls also! She plays a great game of fetch! Only one problem… she’ll catch it with no problem. After she gets it, she changes the game from fetch to keep away! LOL. She’s a total Daddy’s Girl! She’s at my side everywhere we go! Out on a walk, walking to one of the garages, mowing the lawn, even from the sofa to the refrigerator! No matter where I go, she’s at my leg! 
She takes care of me also… I came home from the hospital after knee surgery a few years ago, she checked me out by looking me over and sniffing me out, and decided I needed protection. As I opened the back door, she screamed out doing a perimeter check, barking the whole way. Put her head in the doggie door to check in me, went to the middle of the yard and sat. Not relaxing but her head on a swivel, alert! Making sure nobody got to me in my injured state! You don’t train a dog to do that! (At least I didn’t…) She just knew…
I wish she had the same love for hammocks as Gunner did… she has attempted to get in with me but turned into a circus. She could get her two front paws in, just couldn’t figure out how to get the rest of her in! I tried to hold the hammock steady enough for her to feel comfortable but she just wouldn’t. Even still, she sleeps as near me as possible, under the hammock, on the chair/sofa next to me etc… She’s a total lap dog too! Soon as I sit down she trying to find a way to get comfortable on my lap (picture a cat kneeding in circles to get comfy, except she’s a 55 pound dog! LOL)

Motorcycles are in my blood! I sometimes think motor oil runs through my veins instead of blood! I get depressed when I’m not able to ride! Riding, especially long distance, is my “Hsppy Place”, my zen. What’s the old saying/meme? “I don’t need therapy because I ride a Harley!” It is absolutely totally true in my case! LOL all my worries seem to float away when I’m on my bike. I’ve had three bikes. A 2000 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic , I owned it from 2000-2013, 70,000+ miles. I took many trips on that bike, had a lot of good times! I loved that bike! It was hard to give it up! Next, I had a 2002 Honda CBR600F4i for 3 years. That was a fun bike! I sold the V-Star to get my current 2013 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited FLHTK. As it IS a touring bike, I really got into long distance. 3 1/2 years old with 55,000 miles. Unfortunately I didn’t get to ride much last year, only put on about 9,000 miles. In the summer of 2014 I took a trip down to Austin, Texas. 2 days down, 4 days there and three days back. That was a great trip! I literally ate my way through Austin!
My next adventure was a 7300 mile, 19 day almost cross Country trip in the middle of the US. It was an amazing trip! I visited many family and friends!
This summers trip you can find on my home page…

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