Harley Sleeper Trailer

I found a couple trailers to use as sleepers behind the Harley. They are both 4×6 enclosed V nose, which is good for two reasons. First, it’s more aero dynamical. Second, it will add a bit more interior space. Neither of them are insulated, so for now, it’ll be for 2-3 season camping.

Why am I looking for a trailer…? Good question! I’ve spent a lot of money on hotels on my two wheeled travels. Figure 30-ish nights times $100-200+ per night. I try to stay at campsites as much as I can ($25-55 per night). If I buy a $1500-2000 trailer it’ll pay for itself on the first trip! I’m thinking of Boon Docking with this trailer. I know of a few places near me that will allow RV’ers to stay the night in their parking lots for free, like Walmart and Target, except what you buy in the store of course! Thank you Susan! I had the same idea but forgot to write it down…

Here are a couple pics of what I’m looking at… The company I’m talking with now is PSL Trailers.

4x6 Trailer Back4x6 Trailer

I will put a sliding window on each side and a powered roof fan for those warm nights. It doesn’t look like there is a door handle on the inside so I’ll be changing that to make it safer.

I’ll probably put a Road Shower 4L on it. It heats the water sitting in the sun… very cool feature!

I’d like to make a 6-8” false floor to put drawers in for storage. To keep all the little things secured and out of the way.Image result for camper false floor

Solar panels on the roof into a marine battery on the tongue  so I will have power to charge my gadgets.

I wish I could hang a hammock inside but it most definitely won’t fit! lol I’ll save the hammock for nice summer nights with a slight breeze!

The inside will have a couple shelf/racks for storage, tent mattress and blankets, dog bed/food bowls.

I will possibly be installing a roof rack to put my mountain bike.

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