Learning Curve

So on my last trip out west I started a blog to document my travels. I only had an iPhone to use. This became extremely difficult to use, to write and edit. The good thing about it was all my media was right there on my phone! I didn’t have to worry about downloading everything to a laptop. I liked that and just told myself I would deal with it. Guess what… I didn’t deal very well or long. I stopped writing after just 4 posts! I just figured I would wait till I bought a laptop to start again. I bought an HP Spectre x360 2 days ago.hp_spectre_x360_15_2018_01 I’ve always been quick to get frustrated and this is no exception. Going from Apple to PC is hard enough but learning a whole new system really sucks! I’ve wanted to throw it out a car window at highway speed so many times I can’t count! Not a fun couple days so far… It’s a slow process but I believe I’m getting it… 

I absolutely love the 2 in 1 feature that lets me flip it over to a tablet. It’ll also sit  A-frame style so I can be laying it down or in my hammock with it propped up to watch a movie. The 15” is a perfect size for portability and viewing.


As I’ve been using the Spectre, it has been getting easier and easier. I’m becoming accustomed to all the differences and actually starting to like it! I’m really glad I went with this type and model… I love the size (14”), it’s perfectly sized to carry with me everywhere and great to use at home either on the table or in the hammock! 

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