Day 3

Waking up late again! LOL. No worries though! This KOA in west New Orleans is amazing with beautiful weather today!I slept well despite the heat and humidity. This is a 5 star establishment. Today I am planning on quickly visiting the French Quater for some beneits and coffee at Cafe DuMonde then to VooDoo Harley Davidson also in the French Quater. When I hit the road I'll be headed to Houston for lunch at The Original Irma's and off to Austin to visit family and more amazing food! Maybe that BBQ joint that's in a gas station!? Hint hint. You know who I'm talking to!
Day 3 Starting Mileage: 57,494I arrived in the French Quarter a few minutes ago. Walked around for a few. Went into VooDoo Harley Davidson and got my poker chip and shirt. Now I'm sitting in Cafe DuMonde awaiting my beignets and coffee! It is absolutely packed, standing room, in here! It does seem to flow pretty smoothly… It's like eating heaven!I talked with this guy for a few after he stopped playing. He said he's "just getting back into playing!" Not too shabby for just getting back into it!I didn't catch his name but after telling him about my trip he says I need to extend my trip and come back n stay a while… I totally agree!!

So I didn't get as far as I had planned… I wasn't feeling great with the heat and humidity. Im taking an unplanned pit stop in Lafayette LA tiger some AC, cold shower and sleep without swimming in my tent. I'll be on the road earlier tomorrow morning!

I wasn't planning on a day like today but I did plan for 4 zero mileage days to stay on track and this was close to zero. I figured if I maintain 500 miles a day for 30 days, to ride 12,000 miles I'd have 4 zero days. It's not all bad though… this is a fun trip not a power run.

I'll be in Austin Texas tomorrow.

Ending mileage 57,668Day 3: 174

Day 2: 509

Day 1: 713

Total: 1,396

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