12 and a half hours!

Relaxing my brainIm sitting at Starbucks drinking a white mocha, something I haven’t done for a few months since I started my diet, to clear my mind before I hit the road in less than 12 hours! I’ve been stressing over packing, my house, my dogs and anything else that’s could cause stress. I’m trying to not think about what I have left to do and be able to sleep tonight so I can be up and out the door by 3am. Anybody who knows me knows mornings are NOT my friend! LOL

i don’t remember feeling this stressed before the last trip! I believe it’s all the time I’ve spent planning and thinking about this trip. Last trip I had less than a month to plan and it worked out great!

Once I am a few hours on the road I’ll feel much better…!  The first and last days are the hardest for me. The first are all the questions of if I have enough and/or the right stuff. Missing family etc… The last couple days are when I’m riding east and I know in my heart I’m riding the wrong direction! LOL

My happy place is on the road by myself, music or not, finding my zen, seeing the sights weather I stop or not, riding to places I’ve never been. A lot of people don’t or can’t understand the idea of a traveling trip. Where I  don’t stay long at destination, instead I ride to the next and next place.

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  1. Standard stress before most trips anyway. As soon as you are on the road and out of the state, reality will settle in and you can start enjoying it.

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