I’m learning (it’s hard sometimes in this world) that there are truely good people in this world! While organizing my saddlebags this week prepping for my trip, I forget to put my bungees back in the bike. So as I’m loading the Harley with groceries at Harris Teeter, I fill my bags and get ready to strap the rest to the back seat… I come to realize I don’t have any way to secure them. I try rearranging them to see if I can squeeze everything into already loaded bags. I can’t. So I put what I can’t fit back into the cart and head back into the store looking for some sort of straps or bungee cords, at the least some rope or twine. I’m pretty decent with my knots. I ask somebody who works there for help, he says “if we have anything like what you’re looking for it’ll be down here”, he leads me down the isle with mops and cleaners. I told him what I’m wanting to do with the straps and when we don’t find what I’m looking for he tells me that he has a bungee in his car that I can borrow. His name is Wayne and is one of the managers there. As I’m loading my bike I tell him about my trip and selflessly promote it by giving him my instagram name which has my boos address on it. I couldn’t have thanked him enough in the moment. So there are kind, helpful people in this world after all…! Thank you Wayne. 

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