I believe I have road worthy bike set up. Meaning… the physical attributes of my bike are set perfectly! I added a backrest (HD), raised handlebars (12″ HD), drink holder (HD), iPhone mount (Ram Mounts). All things to make those long days comfortably enjoyable! I just got the bars and Bluetooth done this week but, this is exactly how I like my bike set up! 

Along those lines… after having three different style motorcycles, sport bike, cruiser and tour, the things I won’t/can’t live without are… 

  • heated grips 
  • Fairing/windshield 
  • Backrest
  • Cruise control

Music does help although, on long trips I find myself turning off the radio/cd/Bluetooth. I am totally in the moment, in my own space, my zen. Those times are hard to explain without being there yourself. It’s totally freeing! 

The old saying “I don’t need therapy because I ride a Harley” is perfect! If I could find a way to support myself living off my bike, I would the he happiest person on this planet! And rich, i would never get off the bike! LOL 

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