2017 Road Trip: Packing

(Edit 5.18.17 2100) I have rearranged my trunk and saddle bags once more and will probably continue to do so again and again until the day I leave. LOL. I’m trying new strategies and packing tips from friends and followers. For the most part I’m keeping with my general plan of: trunk with main clothing and quickly accessible items, both saddle bags are getting the most revamping when I add or subtract items. For the most part they contain my outer, heavier clothing, food and camping gear… Pictures to come, most likely when it’s daylight.

I’m changing the way I pack my bike for this trip from the 2015 Road Trip. Since I will be camping instead of bringing everything into a hotel, I will be packing my tour  pak with my clothes and other essentials I may need. On top of that bag I will keep easy to get to items like gps mounts and holders and charger plugged in.

In the lid organizer I will have my vaporizer juice and coils, sunscreen, light, flashlight, mini first aid/migraine meds. 

In my  right saddle bag I’ll have my camping gear, tool kit, plus water and food. In the lid strap bag I keep my gloves and buffs.

The left saddle bag will be my 3 season jacket, a down hooded jacket and a light weight windbreaker. Possibly some food.I may add food, water and snacks to this bag because they fit pretty well with room to spare.

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